We have always been crazy about socks, for many years we have always wanted to start the Sockscene company but this year 2018 is the YEAR. 

"Cool socks for people who are crazy about socks!" is a the motto of our company! We sell cool and funky streetstyle socks for men and women with fun and crazy designs. Add uniqueness to your oustanding outfit! Wear awesome cute socks! Join our club of sock lovers, my friend!

Also Sockscene.com  has amazing Subscription Club with monthly subscriptions for men and women and we provide you free shipping for all the subscriptions!


Sockscene was born, when we went to buy a subscription of socks it was just with that company's socks, some socks were boring and some just not comfortable. So we thought, "what is the best and fun way to get a fun pair to our customer"? With a fun and unique subscription of course! With our plans, you get a pair of your choice that's either plain, boring or fun it's up to you.

We source socks from different companies so every months socks will be different. Sockscene is a premium and unique sock subscription service that delivers a exclusive customer experience.

 What we want to do with Sockscene.com is we want to become the biggest online retailer of funky socks on the web and we are on the right track!

We are happy you are reading about our mission and our story and we are glad to see you here on Sockscene.com again and again! We hope you will find or you have already found the best cool, geeky, funky and amazing socks to buy! Thank you!!!