What Socks Should You Wear?

What Socks Should You Wear?

The necktie is no longer the sultan of sartorial flair. Men now start from their toes and work their way up — so kick your feet up and discover how to wear men's socks the right way. 

No-Show Socks

Getting that sockless look doesn’t mean literally going sockless. A smartly designed pair of now-show socks will keep your feet comfortable, stylish, and dry. Plus, they’ll stay put throughout an active day without slipping off the back of your heel.

Some experts believe that no-show socks are the only acceptable option when wearing shorts, but that opinion is a bit too restrictive. Regardless of how stylish they may be, if you wear no-shows with the wrong shoes, you’ll end up with blisters on the back of your heels where your shoes rub against your skin.

The naked ankle is seemingly everywhere and publications like GQ magazine utilize no-show socks with nearly every type of outfit — from jeans with slip-ons to dress pants with Oxfords. The only shoes should avoid wearing them with is boots and sandals. 

Ankle (Athletic) Socks

Ankle socks are often confused with no-show socks but they are quite different. No-shows sit below the ankle and are meant to be hidden. Ankle socks sit on or slightly above the ankle and protect your heels and ankles from chafing.

Wearing them should be limited to the gym or other physical activities like  running as fast as you can away.

This same rule applies to white athletic socks (at any length). In fact, we don’t recommend wearing white athletic socks in any situation. Go with black instead, they’re less conspicuous and will stay looking cleaner much longer.

Mid-Calf Socks

These are the socks that should be filling up your sock drawer — they’re the workhorse of the modern man’s sock supply.

The mid-calf style is perfect with sneakers, loafers, dress shoes, boots and everything in between. Plus they can be found in just about any color, pattern, thickness or material you can dream of.

Over the Calf Socks

Short of wearing sock garters, over the calf socks were once the only reliable way to keep your socks from pooling around your ankles. But as sock manufacturing improved, this knee-high style fell out of favor and has never recovered.

If you really are concerned about keeping your socks up, Over The Calf socks are an undoubtedly a fool-proof solution. Unfortunately for diehard fans, few retailers still have this style on offer. Those that do charge exorbitant prices and offer a paltry selection. Some may say that the knee-high is an outdated style, but unless you’re disrobing in public, who is really going know how tall your socks are?

Do not wear over the calf socks with shorts. That is unless you want the neighbors to call the fashion police.

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