What pattern is the best?

The pattern can improve the design and appearance of the final product. But it must be used wisely to avoid complex layout or unattractive design. Our day is filled with small recurring elements that create order and calm. Patterns in the design do the same thing: repeating elements can clean up the design and create a sense of calm (or chaos), depending on what the designer is facing. A pattern can include any way to repeat objects, words, colors, or shapes. The pattern focuses on repeating the same object; patterns consist of different components, which are then repeated the same throughout the design. The pattern can be used as a background image and as a main decorative element that attracts attention. The pattern in the design of clothes performs a simple function: it must be attractive and enjoy when looking at the item of clothing! The tastes of people are different: someone loves repeating pictures of animals, someone prefers geometric patterns, and someone likes floral patterns! So what? We have socks with a patterns for every taste, just look at our collection and you will be delighted with this choice of patterns!Sockscene.com loves socks with absolutely different patterns for every taste!

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