Wearing white Men's T-shirts!

Wearing white Men's T-shirts!

Sockscene wants to share with you how to wear white men's T-Shirt and look stylish! We decided to describe all the models of white T-Shirts in your wardrobe: with or without designs! 

If you can pull off a white t-shirt in the classic style, then you can pull it off in any style. We say classic, as iconic film stars like James Dean and Marlon Brando have rocked the simple look of a well fitted white T-shirt and trousers, and are often named after historical style icons. So what’s so special about it?

Well, it’s actually been proven that women find men more attractive in a fitted white T-shirt, as it helps give them the typically masculine silhouette of board shoulders and a narrow waist. So essentially if you’re built and muscled, wear a white T-shirt, if you’re skinny, wear a white T-shirt, and if you’ve packed on a few pounds, well, you get the point.

1. The crew detailing, as basic it gets, it is also a timeless fashion style which can hardly ever go wrong. While it can give a man, a laid back style but pairing it with a bomber jacket and denims is a good choice if you want to go clubbing or on a day out on cooler days. It’s a casual attire to sport for Chill-Saturdays in office as well, guys. You can transition this look the way you want as it is a multi-occasion wear and we can swear by it!

2. The typical round neck white t-shirt style has found its twist in longline t-shirt trend  which gives the man a casual and easy-breezy style. If you want to hang out with your pals or head out for drinks at night, just pair the A-line t-shirt with black ripped jeans and you’re ready for some shots! Keep the whole look as casual as it can get, and bring your favourite pair of trainers out for the occasion. If the weather is cold, you can always carry your black leather jacket slung on your shoulders to keep you warm whenever you need it.

3. Want to dress apt for this season and be comfortable in your own skin? This is a tip you would want to treasure, boys without having to give up on those ripped denims of yours. Follow the scoop neck t-shirt trend. Pair your tattered jeans with a deep scoop-neck white t-shirt. Your bare shoulders need not be hidden if you’re out for a casual occasion. Complete your ripped jeans outfit with ankle boots that give your look an edge.

There are not so many rules for guys! The main thing you need to remember about T-Shirts is that you must feel yourself comfortable! that's the main rule!

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