Wear Socks! Always!

Wear Socks! Always!

Men who fail to wear socks will be rejected. But bare ankles aren’t always bad – here’s how it should be done.
Bad news for the bare-ankle brigade – the backlash has begun. Socks are an afterthought for many, but sporting them, or shedding them altogether, is not as simple as it looks. By following six simple rules, you can ensure you always have appropriate ankles.

Think about colour
Socks should match the trouser, not the shoe, or you will look shorter. Unless you are into a contrast look, where the sock should be wildly different from both. Generally, the higher your hem, the more you can get away with.

Avoid black
Black socks are a bit “pallbearer on a tea break”. Wear with caution. Colorful socks will be the better choice for your outfit!

Socks and sandals are OK
Pairing socks with pool slides or sandals is perfectly fine now. Ridiculing it carbon-dates you to twice your actual age.

Go long
Socks should adequately cover your ankle when you sit, unless your calves are particularly spectacular and you want the world to know. Nobody wants that.

Think about skin
Sock shirkers have a responsibility to present the best ankle possible. Paler folk should consider their position on fake tan and get busy, to avoid passers-by suffering snow blindness from milky-white mankles. All men should moisturise everywhere, but especially areas on show. The ankle is no exception – glossy ones tease; dry and scaly ones repel.

Always wear socks
If you are going sockless, make sure you … wear socks. Invisible socks – short trainer socks that remain under the shoe-line – look like cheap ballet pumps, yes, but they are essential for comfort while maintaining your look, and may save your insoles from an odorous demise. Heading to a shoes-off household? Take spare “normal” socks in your bag to avoid embarrassment or jokes about how awful your feet are.
Stay trendy wearing colorful socks and dont't forget to be yourself in these fashion crazy rules.

Sincerely yours, Sockscene!

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