Unique Ideas To Wear Funky Socks For Men

Before breaking the stereotype styles, you need to know when and how you’ll do it. We are going to provide you with multiple styles and ensembles you can try to make your colorful socks look charming and aesthetic. You can try whatever suits your statement.

1. Bright Socks with Suits

Before wearing solid colored or patterned socks with a suit or tux, you need to know that you can never go for overly contrasting shades as it will make it look odd. Keep your socks colored but the overall ensemble has to look subtle. While wearing some printed socks with a charcoal or navy suit, always try to coordinate the color scheme with either the shirt, let say coordinate with the stripes on the shirt, or you can add a matching tie to your suit so that it looks aesthetically charming.

2. High-Fashion Bright Socks

Solid colored bright socks look super cool when worn with a dull sweater, suit, or pants. You can go for shades of maroon, red, blue and even green. From dull, I mean lighter shades and attire which seems kind of incomplete. Also, if you’re going for sky blue pants with an off-white shirt, then dark blue socks will lift up the combo.

3. Boat shoes and Patterned Socks

Well, boat shoes are usually worn with denim or straight cotton pants and patterned socks will bring attention to your shoes. Try to go for socks in lighter shades when trying out patterns. 

4. Go for Contrasting Shades

Never go for the similar shade as that of your pants when it comes to wearing colored socks, you can match it with your pocket square or inner shirt or with the pattern on your shirt. 

5. Pairing Socks and Tee

You can totally match your socks’ color with that of your t-shirt or sweatshirt.

6. Multi-Color Casual Socks

Multicolor socks or novelty socks only work in situations when you know that you’ll have to go barefoot at some point. You can bring smiles on faces and create goodwill relationships.

7. When Not To Wear Funky Socks

There are moments when looking indifferent is considered to be the violation of decorum. You have to keep your socks simple at such times, let say a funeral or a business meeting or if your job requires you to wear a uniform. You have to show respect at times of funeral and wearing funky socks might make you look non-serious in business environments. All you need to know is when it requires you to bring the attention to your ankles.

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