Types of Colorful Socks

Types of Colorful Socks

What kind of colorful socks will be better to wear? What sock pattern fits better to your outfit? Can you wear fun socks with a classic costume? All these questions are vital and every cool socks lover asks them.....Sockscene has all the answers.....

1. Multi-Color Casual Socks

Multicolor socks or novelty socks only work in situations when you know that you’ll have to go barefoot at some point e.g. at some Japanese or Russian restaurant or meet-up. You can bring smiles on faces and create goodwill relationships.

2. Crazy Socks for Guys

Some of the guys trying novelty socks out there are quite brave since everyone cannot pull off such bold and crazy styles. Such novelty hosiery choices work flawlessly on thematic weddings, parties or even prom.

3. How to Wear Bright Socks in Summers

During summers, you can totally slay a pair of funky socks with super funky shorts. 

4. Cool Pastel Socks

When trying a pastel combo, then go for pastel socks as well to make your ensemble look synchronized.

5. Why not Pink Socks?

If you can try pink shirts, then you can definitely pull off pink socks as well. You can wear these with perforated oxfords when your ensemble is kind of formal or plain white sneakers when wearing with denim. 

6. Trendy Geometric Patterns

Geometric socks are extremely charming when worn with denim pants folded at the ends. These are available in sharp contrasting shades and are most appropriate for tall guys.

7. Polka Dots are the Funkiest

Polka dots are gonna be an ever going trend, whether tops or socks. Go for funky polka dot socks with off-white or grey dresses. Go for argyles and polka dots, with the base color of the socks be that of your pants to get yourself used to the new trend.

8. Funky Socks with Funky Shoes

If you are going for some bright colored shoes i.e. yellow, green or orange sneakers or loafers, then contrasting socks with a hint of the color of the shoes is definitely a chic approach.

9. Coordinate with Your Pants

Sometimes, when wearing printed socks then a little bit of the color of the pants in the socks doesn’t hurt the funky and charming look of the socks. 

10. Funky Yet Classy Socks

Before directly jumping on to sharp shades, start with the classy patterns like gingham, polka dots, and stripes, in not more than dual shades.

What are the Best Colorful Socks for Your Shoes? Geometric prints go best with oxfords while novelty socks usually look good with sneakers since they have more of an informal sight.

Short information from Sockscene.com for the real sock lovers.

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