Best Socks for Men in 2019

Best Socks for Men in 2019

How to choose the best socks? It is really surprisingly complex style topic. Cool socks feel like a small detail, wearing the wrong type of socks for your outfit can be a serious fashion faux pas. And they affect your comfort through the day in a big way. The right sock choice is a function of several factors.

1. Materials

- Cotton: absorbent but won't let moisture evaporate quickly. Best for workouts and other short bursts of activity.

- Synthetic materials (polyester, acrylic, etc): thin and compact. Often designed to wick away moisture.

2. Type of socks

 - Dress socks: Any sock meant to be worn with a suit or other more formal clothes. Will usually come in a silkier texture (if not actually made of silk) and dark color.

- Mid-calf (crew) socks: An all-purpose sock style for men's fashion. Their elastic sits in the middle of the calf, hence the name.

- Over-the-calf socks: An older style of men's socks. Most retailers these days don't carry them.

- Ankle socks: Similar to no-show socks, but taller. Ankle socks are suitable to wear with shorts, especially if you're wearing high-top sneakers or another type of shoe that would be uncomfortable if you wore no-show socks.

3. Size and Feet

Fit matters, even for socks. A “medium” sock usually fits up to a US-size 12 in shoe sizes. If you're above that, or have particularly wide feet, a large size will likely be more comfortable. Cheap sock brands generally have a smaller size selection – so if socks always seem to be bugging you, seek out some with a bigger size available.

 4. Color and pattern

You've probably heard a lot of advice about sock color. Traditionally, you want socks to blend into your outfit – but many fashionistos out there like to make socks their pop of color. Ultimately, you have more room for expression when it comes to socks than you may have been told. Just make sure the color matches something else in your outfit. 

Patterned socks can make an outfit subtly unique. Make sure they complement – but don't exactly match – any other patterns you're wearing.

Socks with colorful and crazy designs will fit to any style you wear, just don't forget that you can't combine costume with crazy pattern and flashy colored socks.

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