To wear or not to wear crazy socks?

To wear or not to wear crazy socks?

Crazy socks are the socks that have bold colors, bold patterns, and whimsical motifs such as footballs, baseballs, or a solar panel.

You can find them in nearly every color under the sun and sometimes they have comical motifs or serious motifs or just something that an artist came up with. Many people think crazy socks are a good way to express their unique style and personality.

Now, standing out could also mean being the odd one out or being weird and crazy socks have that potential because they’re just so bold and outlandish that they don’t work with anything. They’re just contrasting and make an extreme statement. There’s no room for subtlety at all.

I think all the men gravitate towards them because it’s relatively easy to pick up a pair of socks and then think, you’re done with your outfit. However, if you want to have an elegant stylish outfit, just changing the socks is not enough.

“Do I want to identify as a well-dressed classic gentleman or lady ?” If the answer is yes, you should probably not wear crazy socks because they’re simply over the top. A simple bold obnoxious accessory won’t make or break the look instead, it draws the attention to itself and so people would look at your feet rather than your eyes. You want them to look at your face and not at your feet.

A real person can be eccentric and you can create an entire outfit that frames you as a person even using some louder accessories! You can combine crazy socks with the same crazy T-shirt! Would you wear tacos, beer mugs, or dinosaurs on your socks or clothes? If the answer is YES, so you are a perfect person and....’s perfect for people who want to be outlandish, geeks, or artists in their souls who have the Mona Lisa on their socks. Be awesome, be unusual and don't be afraid to keep attention!

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