Socks with heels? Yes or No?

Socks with heels? Yes or No?

Did you ever think whether it is possible to combine socks with crazy designs and heels?

If you think that wearing heels with socks is fashion faux pas, then you better think twice and break the rule, as this year comes with an awesome must-try trend: socks worn with heels. The result gonna look outstanding and sophisticated. If you are looking for unusual ways how to wear socks and heels in real life, then be sure to check out this street style compilation. We all know that socks look awesome with sneakers, slip-on shoes and trainers, the result looks laid-back and sporty, but if you want to add a stylish accent to your outfit, then you are more than welcome to try on socks with heels. You can create casual outfit by wearing jeans and heels and colorful socks with crazy designs. Simple summer dress can be complemented with sexy socks and glamour heels. Another great way to make a stunning look is to wear socks and heels with edgy outfits. One thing never forget: when you wear funky crazy socks, don't choose quirky color or print outfits, better opt for neutral color shoes and plain colors for clothes. 

Be bold and stylish at the same time with

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