Socks and Sandals

Socks and Sandals

The fashion world's fascination with ugly footwear has been gathering pace over the last few years, from dad trainers to bedazzled Crocs, and it's showing no sign of slowing down.
With the industry now focussed on another incarnation - one often favoured by toddlers and the elderly - it's time for those of you with ugly-footwear-phobia to look away pronto.
What are we all wearing on our feet? You are welcome: socks and sandals!
If you're not a multi-million-dollar-earning model and reality TV star, then you should probably look to the street style.
Socks and sandals, as a twosome, go way back: Archaeologists excavated the first documented pair of socks from the Nile in Egypt, and surmised that they were made between 250 to 450 A.D. These socks had split toes, designed explicitly to be worn with some proto-sandals.
And yet, recent history has not treated the combination kindly. Consider the Wikipedia entry for “Socks and sandals,” which reads, meanly: “Wearing socks and sandals together is a controversial fashion combination and social phenomenon. It is considered a fashion faux pas.
The equation is simple: Take one pair of sandals and pair it with one pair of socks. But that’s deceptive, and getting it right is not as easy as it looks. there are simple rules from Sockscene!

Wear only cool socks...if you are combining socks and sandals, you need to be awesome in your socks! Wear this combination as you are the king of fashion! If it is comfortable for you! Why not? Be free, be awesome with Sockscene!


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