Interesting Facts About T-Shirts

Interesting Facts About T-Shirts

Did you know?

  1. The most expensive t-shirt in the world was made by using Crocodile leather by French Luxury Clothing Company. The Shirt costs for $91,500 and rated as the most expensive T Shirt in the world.
  2. T-shirts were first time adopted by miners during the late 1800’s as they are more convenient covering for hot environments under the mines .
  3. Worlds biggest T-shirt resides in Qatar. The size of the t shirt is 72.2m long and 48.7m wide, weighs 6 tones and covers 3,516.25 square meters.
  4. Over 2 billion T-shirts are sold worldwide each year.
  5. “T-shirt” did not become a word in the English dictionary until the 1920’s.
  6. About 62% of Americans claim to own more than ten t-shirts in their wardrobe.
  7. It can take six miles of pure cotton for making a single t shirt.
  8. Coca Colla is the First brand to promote itself using t shirts.
  9. The highest record of wearing maximum T-Shirts at a time is 257.
  10. T-Shirts made from recycled cotton prevent over five billion tons of textile waste from entering landfills each year. 

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