Become a Street Star in Your New Colorful Socks!

Become a Street Star in Your New Colorful Socks!

When it comes to fall accessories, socks aren’t exactly what you’d call a make-or-break detail. They’re one of those indispensable (and inexpensive) fall basics that exist largely out of practicality — aesthetics are a mere afterthought. Until now, that is. Oddly enough, the humble sock has miraculously shed its not-so-stylish reputation, transforming into a sartorial heavy hitter in its own right. A few tasks on its stacked resume: flawlessly transitioning summery sandals into the new season, breathing new life into tried-and-true steppers and adding an element of visual intrigue to even the snooziest of separates. We’ll take it. Ready to give the trend a try but don’t know where to start?

1. Go monochromatic. A great way to start easing into this WTF trend? Ever so slowly. Rocking a monochromatic look will tone down the look-at-me factor of this fashion-forward style move. Stick with neutral hues for a streamlined and sophisticated aesthetic.

2. Swap out traditional socks for fishnets. Think outside the white cotton box and slip into your favorite pair of steppers in a set of cheeky fishnet ankle socks. A little bit sultry and a whole lot of chic, they’ll turn up the heat on everything from flouncy A-line frocks to distressed denim in a snap.

3. Colorcoordinate. Understated this look is not, but if turning heads is on your to-do list, employing this show-stopping style tactic is a must. Tailor your footwear and socks to coordinate with your outfit, choosing complementary colors that are guaranteed to produce a wow effect.

 4. Let them peek out of statement boots. For a cutting-edge take on a prepster chic, team a pair of mid-calf socks with bold and bright ankle boots. Let your socks poke up above the boot line for a bit of color-block action.

5. Try an athletic-approved look. Take the socks-and-shoes thing down an athletic path by wearing classic cotton ankle socks with high-octane athletic shoes (the brighter, the better). For max sports chic perfection, round out the look with a graphic A-line skirt, classic tee and zip-up knit.

6. Load on the layers. Playing the layering game just got a whole lot more interesting. Toss on a pair of high-waisted culottes and slip knee-high socks on underneath to add dimension to an edgy cool-weather ensemble. Tap into your inner tomgirl with polished lace-up Oxfords or block-heel loafers.

7. Go full throttle: This just might be our favorite look yet. Expect to turn heads when you take this Insta-worthy ensemble to the streets. Start with a pastel monochromatic getup that is equal parts coy and cutting edge (modern silhouettes are essential), then proceed to pair with contrasting mid-calf socks and striking patterned shoes. Whether you test drive the look at the office, one thing’s for sure — you’ll look straight-up flawless.

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