A Man's guide of wearing T-Shirts

A Man's guide of wearing T-Shirts

When it comes to t-shirts and style, opinions often fall into two camps.

There are those men, the vast majority of them, who see tees as a wardrobe staple that is appropriate for nearly every occasion, and can be worn with little to no thought.

Then there are the traditionalists, small in number, but vocal, who feel t-shirts are utterly juvenile and sloppy-looking, and should never be worn outside a gym or away from the beach.

Sockscene’d like to suggest a middle path: t-shirts as a classic, versatile piece of clothing appropriate to wear on some occasions, but not others. Allow me also to suggest that even if t-shirts constitute a simple staple of one’s wardrobe, there are ways to wear them better, and worse.


Yet, t-shirts also have a rugged, iconoclastic history, and maintain the comfort, accessibility, and practicality that made them so popular in the first place. They may never be wedding or funeral wear, but, especially when worn right, they can be stylish and suitable for more than just going to the beach or the gym.

The trick is simply knowing when donning a t-shirt is both appropriate and well-advised, a determination which can be made by thinking through a few factors:

What’s the dress code? Tees are not appropriate for formal situations all the way down to “Casual Fridays” at work (unless you work in a very casual office). Anything that feels like an “event” is not the place for a t-shirt. They’re best for activities and hang-outs that are loosely organized and laid-back. But now it is better to think how you feel yourself during the working day? Sometmes good and high quality t-shirt is better choice!

How active will you be? Tees were made for labor, sports, and generally getting things done. The more you’ll be moving and sweating, the more appropriate wearing a t-shirt will be.

How old are you? T-shirts are better suited for young men, but good t-shirt fits all the ages.

What’s your build? Nearly all clothes look better on a fit physique, but this is especially true of t-shirts. If you’re overweight or thin, the tee will either cling to and emphasize your belly, or drape lifelessly over your skinny frame. But you can always choose the model which fits to the all types of figures...and Sockscene offers the great variety of models in our store!

Feel free to ask questions...Sockscene will help you in your choice!


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